Home and Community-Based Services (HCS) Program

The Home and Community-Based Services (HCS) Program is a system for providing support services for those with all levels of intellectual disability. Service plans are specific to the individual and client-directed. This means that individuals and their families are integral members--and the driving force--on an interdisciplinary team of professionals. Working together, a customized plan of care is designed to meet the unique needs, goals and choices of the individual. Through the HCS program, most services found listed under "Overview of Services" would be covered.

Individuals enrolled in the HCS program have several residential support options available to them. There are small 4 person group homes with 24 hour awake staff, small 3 person group homes with live-in staff, Foster/companion care where the individual resides in the home of their provider or supported home living in which the individual lives in their own residence or their families residence and in-home support staff come to them and provide care. Whichever support is chosen our dedicated and specially trained support staff work with consumers to attain a nurturing, varied, stimulating and fun environment


In order to receive services in the HCS program, individuals must have the following qualifications:

  1. A determination of Intellectual Disability or a related condition
  2. Eligible for Medicaid and SSI
  3. A plan of Care which meets program guidelines.
If you have questions about eligibility for this program, please contact us.

Support Services Provided by the HCS Program
(for a more complete description of services noted below, go to: Overview of Services)

  1. Choice of Living Arrangements
    1. Supported Home Living
    2. Foster/Companion Care
    3. Group Home Living
  2. Support Services
    1. Case Management
    2. Social Services
    3. Physical / Occupational / Speech Therapy
    4. Nursing Services
    5. Behavioral Support Services
    6. Respite Services
    7. Day Habilitation
    8. Dietary Support
    9. Dental Services
    10. Adaptive Aids
    11. Minor Home Modifications

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